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Kitchen Exhaust Pollution Control: Electrostatic Precipitator

PowerClean - Electrostatic

PowerClean™ is our Best Available Technology when it comes to kitchen exhaust scrubbers. The permanent electrostatic collector section removes airborne smoke and grease particles, then washes itself clean using a built-in water detergent system. Then, it's ready to go to work again without the time and expense of replacing air filters. Power Clean uses a liberal application of activated carbon to remove the odors. The system is furnished complete with (or without) a blower custom selected for your particular project.

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Kitchen Exhaust Pollution Control: Multi-stage Filter


K-Pack - Multi-Stage FilterK-Pack™ is our workhorse, economy kitchen exhaust scrubber. It uses a 3-stage mechanical filter arrangement to filter grease and smoke particles from the exhaust air. Independent pressure switches signal when any of the 3 filter stages need replacing. K-Pack uses the same liberal application of activated carbon to remove the odor molecules. Like Power Clean, K-Pack is furnished with (or Without) and exhause blower, custom selected for your project.


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