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Kitchen Exhaust Pollution Control: Multi-Stage Filter

K-Pack™ 4-Stage Filter

Air Scrubbers introduces K-Pack, a new multi-stage filter system designed specifically to control kitchen exhaust emissions. 3-stages of industry standard air filters deliver maximum performance at minimal operating cost. The 4th stage uses a unique bonded activated carbon to remove cooking odors.


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Controlling your kitchen exhaust air is important to your neighbors, the environment and your bottom line. Exhausting at roof level can be cost prohibitive. An alternative is to install K-Pack and exhaust through a sidewall discharge. With 4 stages of quality air scrubbing, you can co-exist with the community, protect the environment and keep local code officials at bay. One piece factory construction assures unit integrity and unlike some field assembled scrubbers, installation is quick and simple. Duct connection and electrical power to the blower is all that’s required. Reliability, high performance and low operating cost make K-Pack an excellent choice for light to moderate cooking applications.

Key Features
  • New Generation ESP designed for dependable operation
  • Reliable high frequency electronics do not use fragile ionizing wires or insulators
  • Specified efficiency is instant and constant
  • Resistance to airflow is a constant 0.25” w.g., resulting in reduced fan horsepower
  • Constant resistance to airflow prevents fluctuations in system air volume
  • Permanent aluminum collector cells never need replacing
  • Built-in automatic cleaning and PLC controls
  • Optional bonded carbon for gas/odor control
  • Optional custom blower/motor package
  • Optional safety filter
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