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Kitchen Exhaust Pollution Control: Multi-Stage Filter

K-Pack™ 4-Satge Filter Specifications

  • Furnish a kitchen exhaust air pollution control system in a side access housing with a progressive efficiency, 3-stage mechanical filter arrangement, odor control section and blower, as described below and shown on the submittal drawings.
  • Equipment Description – The system shall be furnished as a single, factory assembled unit, consisting of: inlet transition, pleated pre-filter, bag filter, final filter, odor control section, outlet transition and blower/motor, all mounted on a 4” x 5.4 lb./ft. structural steel support base. The base shall have lifting lugs at the 4 corners and along the length as needed. The unit shall be furnished in a side access housing fabricated from 14-gage steel, continuous welded pretreated and powder coated with thermo-set powder paint, inside and outside. Side access doors shall be provided to service all internal components. The access doors shall be on lift-off hinges, full perimeter gasketed and use multi-point closure latches. The system shall be ETL listed to ANSI/UL 710 Exhaust Hoods for Commercial Cooking Equipment and shall conform to NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations.
  1. The multi-stage filter section shall contain the following:
    1. a. Pleated pre-filters, 4” deep, MERV 8/ASHRAE 52.2, 90% Arrestance/ ASHRAE 52.1
    2. b. 10 pocket bag filter, 22” deep, MERV 14/ASHRAE 52.2, 98% Arrestance/ASHRAE 52.1
    3. c. Final filter, 12” deep, MERV 17/ASHRAE 52.2, 99.97/IEST Type A
    4. d. All filters shall be held in place with extruded aluminum tracks with replaceable bulb seal gasketing.
  2. The odor control section shall contain the following:
    1. Bonded Activated Carbon, furnished in a self-supporting, bonded granular briquette panel with galvanized steel perimeter frame and covered on both sides with spun bonded scrim. Carbon is composed of virgin coconut shell granular activated carbon with a minimum carbon tetrachloride activity of 60% per ASTM D-3467, is 4 x 8 US mesh size, and impregnated with active ingredients to enhance cooking odor molecule adsorption. Bonded carbon shall have a minimum bulk density of 30 lbs/ft³, and applied at the rate of 60 lbs. minimum/1,000 cfm for a minimum residence time of 0.12 seconds. Carbon panels shall be held in place with extruded aluminum tracks with replaceable bulb seal gasketing.
  3. Outlet transition shall be factory installed, connecting the housing to the blower, fabricated from 14 gage CRS and finished to match the housing.
  4. Blower/motor assembly shall be the SWSI ____or inline ____ type, belt drive with backward inclined wheel sized to deliver ______ cfm @ _____” w.g. total (_____” w.g. external resistance allowed), operate on _____ V, _____ Ph, _____ Hz, _____ HP and shall be UL 762 listed for Power Ventilators In Restaurant Service. A factory mounted ON-OFF disconnect switch shall be furnished and pre-wired to the blower motor. Motor starter shall be provided by others.
  5. The complete assembly shall be factory mounted on 4-inch x 5.4 lbs/ft. structural steel, C-channel base frame.
  6. Fire system shall be Ansul R102_____ or Amerex____ with factory installed detector and pre-piped nozzles. Detector and nozzle arrangement shall be according to the respective manufacturers instructions. 3/8” IPS field connection, tanks, controls and commissioning of the fire system shall be provided by others. The AHJ may require other protection in order to comply with local codes.
  7. A remote mounted filter status panel shall be furnished to indicate when each individual stage of filters requires servicing. The panel shall be NEMA 4X with LED indicators. Signal to the LED’s shall be provided from pressure switches, factory mounted on the scrubber housing.
  8. The scrubber shall be the K-Pack, Model __ __ __ __ - __ x __ -__ as manufactured by Air Scrubbers, Inc.



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