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Kitchen Exhaust Pollution Control: Electrostatic Precipitator

PowerClean™ Electrostatic Precipitator with Automatic Cleaning

The Air Scrubbers, Inc. PowerClean is a new generation electrostatic precipitator used to control process generated airborne contaminants. PowerClean is a reliable solution for both indoor air quality problems and contaminated exhaust air. It’s available in side access units for use with central air handlers or as a stand alone fan powered unit.


Dependable high frequency electronics, safe/no-short charging system, rugged ionizer electrodes and improved automatic cleaning are just a few of the innovations developed to make PowerClean the most reliable ESP ever. High efficiency particle collection is delivered instantly and continuously. The extremely low resistance to airflow means less fan horsepower is needed, compared to conventional media filtration, and since resistance to airflow is constant, the system air volume is always maintained. Optional bonded activated carbon can be added for odor control, making PowerClean the IDEAL SOLUTION for ventilation or exhaust air quality problems.

Reliability, high performance and low operating cost make PowerClean an excellent choice for indoor air cleaning or exhaust air pollution control.

Key Features Applications
  • New Generation ESP designed for dependable operation
  • Reliable high frequency electronics do not use fragile ionizing wires or insulators
  • Specified efficiency is instant and constant
  • Resistance to airflow is a constant 0.25” w.g., resulting in reduced fan horsepower
  • Constant resistance to airflow prevents fluctuations in system air volume
  • Permanent aluminum collector cells never need replacing
  • Built-in automatic cleaning and PLC controls
  • Optional bonded carbon for gas/odor control
  • Optional custom blower/motor package
  • Optional safety filter

PowerClean delivers dependable, continuous duty operation, controlling a broad range of process generated airborne contaminants.

Below is a partial listing of PowerClean applications:

  • Commercial cooking kitchen exhaust
  • Machine tool coolant mist
  • Welding and soldering fume
  • Cold heading smoke
  • Forging lubricant effluent
  • Heat treating smoke
  • Vinyl extrusion plasticizers
  • Rubber curing and molding smoke
  • Textile finishing exhaust
  • Commercial HVAC systems 
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