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Kitchen Exhaust Pollution Control: Electrostatic Precipitator

PowerClean™ Electrostatic Precipitator Engineering Specifications


  • Furnish a kitchen exhaust air pollution control system, consisting of a 2-stage, dual low voltage, plate type, electrostatic precipitator, odor control section and blower, as described below and shown on the submittal drawings.
  • Equipment Description – The system shall be furnished as a single, factory assembled unit, consisting of: inlet transition, electrostatic precipitator, safety filter section, odor control section, outlet transition and blower/motor, all mounted on a 6” x 10.5 lb./ft. structural steel support base. The base shall have lifting lugs at the 4 corners and along the length as needed. The system is sized to deliver a minimum particulate removal efficiency of 95% at specified air volume, per DOP test method (MIL-STD-282). The unit shall be furnished in a single, side access housing fabricated from 14-gage steel, continuous welded pretreated and powder coated with thermo-set powder paint, inside and outside. Double wall side access doors shall be provided to service all internal components. The access doors shall be on lift-off hinges, full perimeter gasketed and use knurled knob threaded latches. Precipitator section access door electrical interlock shall be factory installed. The precipitator housing bottom shall be sloped to form a no-leak basin to drain wash water and furnished with a 3" FNPT drain nipple. The precipitator shall conform to NFPA 96 and be ETL listed to the following.

    UL 867 Safety Standard for Electrostatic Precipitators
    ANSI/UL 710 Exhaust Hoods for Commercial Cooking Equipment
  1. The precipitator section shall contain the following:
    1. Air distribution baffle/moisture eliminator, 2” aluminum mesh, held in position by galvanized steel tracks, integral to the side access housing.
    2. Ionizer-collector cells shall be the industrial type, single unit construction. Cells shall be 3003-H14 aluminum construction except; ionizer discharge electrodes are the 316 stainless steel rigid type. Tungsten wire electrodes are not acceptable. Repelling and collector plates and ionizer ground plates are positively retained in place using tie rod and tubular spacer design. Repelling and collector plates shall be 0.32” minimum thickness. High voltage insulators, molded from structural self-glazing ceramic: shall contain no appurtenances; are of radial and bilateral symmetry; contain no high voltage penetrations and do not expose high voltage on the process air side. Insulators have a voltage to ground, track distance, of 2.60". Cell high voltage interconnection is made automatically by flexible stainless steel contacts, when cells are in position. Coiled spring contacts are not acceptable. Cells shall be retained in position by stainless steel tracks, with no by-pass baffles on the air entering side.
    3. Aluminum, 2” thick, moisture eliminator shall be furnished downstream of the collector cell to contain wash water overspray.
  2. The odor control section shall contain the following:
    1. Safety Bag Filters, 15” deep with a media surface area of 49 ft²/1,000 cfm. Filters are of high-density polyester microfiber media with galvanized steel headered frame, rated UL 900, Class I, with an efficiency of 95% per ASHRAE Standard 52.1. Filters are held in position by integral extruded aluminum tracks with nylon pile seal gasketing.
    2. Bonded Activated Carbon, furnished in a self-supporting, bonded granular briquette panel with galvanized steel perimeter frame and covered on both sides with spun bonded scrim. Carbon is composed of virgin coconut shell granular activated carbon with a minimum carbon tetrachloride activity of 60% per ASTM D-3467, is 4 x 8 US mesh size, and impregnated with active ingredients to enhance cooking odor molecule removal. Bonded carbon shall have a bulk density of 30 lbs/ft³ and applied at the rate of 85 lbs. minimum/1,000 cfm, for a minimum gas residence time of 0.17 seconds. Bonded carbon panels shall be held in place by extruded aluminum tracks, integral to the housing. Tracks shall contain flexible, bulb seal gasketing.
  3. Outlet transition shall be factory installed, connecting the housing to the blower, fabricated from 16 gage CRS and finished to match the housing.
  4. Blower/motor shall be the SWSI ___ or in-line ___ type, with belt drive, backward inclined wheel sized to deliver ______ cfm @ _____” w.g. total (_____” w.g. external resistance allowed), operate on _____ V, _____ Ph, _____ Hz, _____ HP and shall be UL 762 listed for Power Ventilators In Restaurant Service. NEMA 3R combination motor starter/disconnect is furnished.
  5. The complete assembly shall be factory mounted on a 6-inch x 10.5 lb/ft. structural steel, C-channel base frame.
  6. Fire system shall be Ansul R102 _____ or Amerex ____ with factory installed detector and pre-piped nozzles. Detector and nozzle arrangement shall be according to the respective manufacturers instructions. 3/8” IPS field connection, tanks, controls and commissioning of the fire system shall be provided by others. The AHJ may require other protection in order to comply with local codes.
  7. A water/detergent washing system shall be furnished to automatically clean the precipitator ionizing-collecting cells. The wash system is the high pressure, low volume type, designed to operate with a 140°F hot water supply. Detergent, hot wash and rinse water are applied by oscillating copper manifolds located on the air entering and air leaving side of each cell tier. Front and rear manifold sprays shall oscillate oppositely to prevent spray cancellation.

    The copper manifolds with brass spray nozzles, will produce a positive fan shaped spray pattern. Each manifold shall contain a clean out plug. Drive motors used to oscillate the manifolds shall be the high torque, gear reduced, totally enclosed fan cooled type, permanently lubricated. Furnish a pivoting drive linkage connecting the drive motor to the manifolds. The wash system shall be factory installed as an integral part of the precipitator side access housing.

    A remote mounted detergent dispensing assembly shall be furnished including a 55 gallon reservoir (anti-corrosive), pump and motor and flow volume control valve. The pump shall be positive displacement, self priming and deliver 3.0 GPM at 65 PSIG minimum output pressure at the required GPM. Solenoid valve, strainer, backflow preventer, pressure gauge, ball valve and 55 gallons of detergent concentrate shall be included. Dispenser must be located indoors, in a freeze protected area.
  8. The system control and high voltage power pack shall be furnished in separate, enclosures for remote mounting, adjacent to each other, indoors, at a location where indicators may be conveniently monitored.
    1. A programmable logic controller shall be furnished to sequence the precipitator through individual, wash cycles immediately following shutdown of the exhaust hood. The control is furnished with an integral, electronic timer with override to manually sequence the wash cycle. The face panel of the enclosure shall contain LED’s to indicate RUN or WASH status and individual power pack PRIMARY and SECONDARY POWER. An ON/OFF switch for the power pack is furnished on the face panel. Enclosure is NEMA 12. PLC shall be furnished with battery backup.
    2. High voltage power supply shall be the solid state pulse type, operate on 120 Vac, 60 Hz, 1 Ph, input and provide an adjustable output of 10.0/5.0 to 12.0/6.0 kVdc. The power supply input and output shall be internally regulated for line fluctuations of +10% and have a current limiting shutdown and restart feature. High voltage cable, rated for 45 kVdc is furnished in 50 ft. lengths. Enclosure is
      NEMA 1.

  9. Utilities Summary
    Electrical Service

    (1) _____ V, _____ Ph, _____ Hz, to _____ HP blower/motor
    (1) _____ V, _____ Ph, _____ Hz, _____ A to system control

    City Water @ 140 °F & 50 psi (1) Supply: _____ gpm x 4 min/day = _____ gallons (once per day)
    (1) Drain (for above Supply)
  10. The kitchen exhaust system shall be Power Clean™ Model SA-_____-__-____-___-___ as manufactured by Air Scrubbers, Inc.
  11. Commissioning shall be provided on site by a factory authorized engineer and a confirming report shall be submitted to the architect.


ETL Listed LogoEach PowerClean Side Access system is ETL listed,
conforming to ANSI/UL STD 867 & UL STD 710.

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