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Robotic Welding Fume Control Case Study:
Robotic Welding Fume ControlAir Polution Control

Application: Robotic Welding Fume Control
Representative: Irving Engineering
Project #: J206: Ledco Limited
Location: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada



Ledco is a high volume producer of welded steel brackets used by the automotive industry. Their newly built plant has 15 robotic TIG welding lines which burn 4,000 lbs. of welding wire per month. Keep the new plant clean and healthy without exhausting conditioned air.




Robotic Welding Fume ControlA 25,000 cfm Power CleanTM Pollution Control System was selected to clean and recirculate the air. This multi-stage system consists of an electrostatic precipitator with builtin automatic cleaning, followed by a post safety filter section and blower, ducted to local exhaust hoods. Particulate concentration is maintained at <0.5 mg/m3.




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