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The Bungalows Resort Case Study:
Air Polution Control

Application: Resort Kitchen Hood Exhaust
Representative: Air Flow Specialists
Project #'s: J366 & J433 The Bungalows Resort
Location: Laguna Beach, California



A new luxury resort with 5 restaurants and elegant suite accommodations, all built in close proximity. Eliminate offensive smoke, grease & cooking odors from being exhausted into the surrounding guest quarters.




Five Power Clean Models were selected to control exhaust emissions from the restaurants. The unit in this photo is a Power Clean Model SA-0406-W-SF-C-B. Each of these multi-stage systems consists of an electrostatic precipitator with integral water/detergent cleaning to remove the smoke and grease particles. Next, bonded carbon with special impregnates, removes the odor molecules prior to exhausting outside.




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