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Aluminum Die Cast Exhaust Case Study:
Aluminum Die Cast ExhaustAir Polution Control

Application: Aluminum Die Cast Exhaust
Project #'s: J279 & J373: MTD Products, Inc.
Location: Leitchfield, Kentucky



This MTD location die casts transmission housings used by GE in their line of washing machines. Al die casting produces a mixture of smoke, oil mist, graphite and sprue material. Environmental regulations prevented exhausting into the outside atmosphere unless pollutions control measures were in place.




Aluminum Die Cast ExhaustTwo Power Cleans, Model SA-0606-W were installed to control the exhaust emissions. This multi-stage system consists of a gravity drop out section, followed by a self renewing prefilter, followed by an electrostatic precipitator with built-in automatic cleaning. Each Power Clean is connected to local exhaust hoods at 4 die casters and exhausts 10,000 cfm.




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